Top 5 Reasons Why to Purchase a Used Motorhome or RV

Life is a progression. Few people dive right into the Recreational Vehicle world by purchasing an RV without experiencing RV culture and camping out with friends or relatives. Many RV owners started out with primitive tent camping or cabin rentals at campgrounds and resorts. Once you experience the tranquility and freedom of escaping into nature, it can be hard to live in a big bustling city.

Nature has a lot to offer us. Not only is the scenery quiet and beautiful but it is also constantly changing and refreshing. The plants are blooming. The weather goes through its seasons. And everything is flooded with fractals that run off into endless streams of chaos. We are also surrounded by golden ratios that remind us how tightly everything is interconnected at even a mathematical level.

The city can be a world of endless noise pollution, smog, and conflict. It seems like everyone from the driver in their bright red Cadillac to the vagabond on the corner are competing for your attention. Signs are everywhere and trigger this endless tangent of philosophical debate as we weigh the balances of whether we should buy into the ads or simply ignore them. Cities are also overregulated. You can’t play your music, park here, or even run across the neighbor’s lawn without violating some sort of local ordinance.

It is this escape to tranquility and the pristine otherly world surrounding us that leads many on the path to RV adventure. And RV sales are booming as working-class people and retirees go off on an endless journey or simply find a nearby site to park their RV on a seasonal or yearly basis. But RV sales don’t always reflect all the reasons why many choose to upgrade from their primitive or shared accommodations to a new RV of their own.

Reasons Why Owners Choose RVs


One of the main reasons to buy an RV is the privacy. Most campgrounds don’t have private showers or quarters for couples to share without encroaching on a neighbor’s ear space or prying eyes. When you move to a crowded campground, privacy becomes a big concern as you strive to develop your interpersonal relationships in a comfortable zone. You can always walk to a remote spot and have profound conversations and intimate moments. However, an RV provides all the conveniences of home and that homely peace and privacy that people enjoy.


For many, being out on the road too long can lead them to miss the comforts of home. They miss sleeping on a real mattress, having an entertainment room to relax in, and having a hot shower even at an interstate rest stop. New RVs can have everything from massaging theatre chairs to jacuzzies and everything in between. If you invest in a large RV, you can fill it with just about anything that you’d put in a small apartment.

Easy Financing

RV sales are fueled by easy financing. If every RV owner had to cough up $30,000 to a million plus dollars for an RV, you’d see RV sales tank. But the banks recognize RVs as a noble investment and are willing to accommodate RV buyers by stretching out the payments for as long as they may with a home mortgage loan. The low monthly payments and overall value of the RV, as an alternative for some to renting or investing in a stationary home, makes them a hot deal.


Whether you have a brick and mortar home or an apartment somewhere or not, you always have the option to escape with your Used RV or Motorhome to any corner of the country. This type of easy relocation makes it a fail-safe that protects you from bad times. If we ever faced another recession or depression, the people who own RVs would survive better than anyone.

They could move to where the jobs where on a whim, lower their overall costs of living, and rent out their homes or short sell them. This makes an RV a veritable golden nest egg. And if the property taxes or rents are rising too high in your region, you can pack up in your RV and find a better rate. This makes them far superior to mobile homes.

Fun and Adventure

Owning an RV is just fun. Although primitive tent camping is fun, it can also be a hassle because the weather can be scary. But an RV takes your traditional vacation to the next level. It is just like having your own private jet or yacht except you don’t have to hire a pilot, crew, or deal with the jet lag and seasickness. You don’t have to go far in an RV to find a beautiful scenic spot but can also go as far as you’d like to explore the four corners of the nation.

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How to Sell Your RV or Motorhome in Arizona?

Motorhomes and other recreational vehicles tend to hold excellent value. That means that, at least in theory, when it comes time to sell your RV you can get a first-rate return. The practical reality for many would-be sellers is that they do not know how to cash in on that value. Many people accept an inferior return or take a long time and do a great deal of legwork to get the vehicle sold.

As a seller, you have a number of options. You can:

• Trade it in locally
• Sell it privately locally
• Sell it privately online
• Facilitate a sale online via a buyer network

SELL it to US and make your life easier and get money faster!

The Pitfalls of Trading In

Even if you intend to trade in for the purposes of buying a new RV, a trade-in is usually the worst way to maximize your value. Many dealers will not even accept a purchase without a sale, and even when they do, they want substantial margins in order to make it worthwhile. That results in a bad deal for you.

The Pitfalls of Selling It Privately Locally

Selling it locally on your own can get you the price you want, but it can also be a hassle and even dangerous. How fast your RV sells will depend on local demand, and most people don’t live in an area where preowned RV demand is particularly high. In addition, private buyers can be unpredictable and thus unreliable, and private transactions even in public spaces can go terribly wrong.

The Pitfalls of Selling It Privately Online

Selling online yourself can have the advantage of a quicker sell. Nevertheless, it brings with it a lot of the same disadvantages considered for selling it privately and locally. The other issue is that are posting fees and commissions that are going to cut into your profits and often substantially.

The Better Alternative: Selling Online via a Buyer Network

The alternative is a buyer network, such as Sell My RV Today. This is a company that has a technology-backed RV-buying network that extends throughout the country. Not only will they buy the RV from you but they will pay top dollar and handle all of the logistics for you. Sound too good to be true? Consider that this is a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating that has overwhelmingly positive reviews online.

Top Dollar and Upfront Quotes

You can receive top dollar for your RV through a buyer network. Better yet, you’ll know exactly what the network is offering before you have to agree to anything. Fill out a brief form concerning the year, make, model and even your asking price. The system will process the information and give you a quote in just a few seconds. You can then opt to have one of the local buyer agents contact you to proceed.

Title Transfers and All Documentation

Despite being the buyer, the network takes on most of the responsibilities of being the seller. The network will handle the title transfer and manage most other documentation. You responsibilities will include contacting the DMV, canceling any insurance and creating a bill of sale if you need it.

Pickup at Your U.S. or Canada Location

Here’s where things get exciting. With all of the selling options discussed above, you are responsible for getting the RV to the seller. When you purchase through a buyer network, a local agent comes to you with all necessary equipment to remove, load and haul the vehicle. An inspection will be performed to ensure that all is in order, and when it checks out, you will get cash for the amount quoted online.

Transactions Completed in 1-3 Business Days

A same-day sale will be completed whenever possible, and almost every transaction that the network facilitates gets completed in under 3 business days. How easy is that? Think about it. If you submitted the form right now, you’d know that within three days, cash would be in hand and the sale complete.

Trusted and Secure

As mentioned, Sell My RV Today is a BBB-accredited company with an A+ rating. The company was founded more than 20 years ago and has topped RV buying charts for 15 years. Its online reviews are glowing, and it is a proud member of the Family Motor Coach Association.

4 Tips for Your Next RV Road Trip

Although some people live exclusively in their RVs, most people who own RVs only take them out to vacation or travel when it is practical. They may be teachers who have summers off of work or retired couples who like to get out and see nature when the weather and roads are hospitable. In many cases, you have young families joining the RV parks who want to show their children the land of the free with all the freedoms that the Native American Indian tribes had in primitive times.

Let’s consider proper RV road trip preparations in greater detail, below.

RV Road Trip Wizard by Pedata RV Center (if you need an RV Sales Dealer contact us today for help)

Make Reservations

When you set out on a road trip, it is important to consider reservations, nowadays, more than ever. Due to the affordability of fuel, more RVs are hitting the road than ever. The wanderlust to travel and experience new things right in our backyards with all the American conveniences and amenities is hard to forget. Yet, when you show up at the premium RV parks in the middle of the night and find out that they have no spaces available, you will be more than disappointed. Having to compromise where you can hook up your RV and what type of scenery surrounds you can ruin the whole experience. Unless it is off-season, you should try to make a rough sketch of your road trip and figure out where you will be staying each night.

It can be hard to plan ahead when you are living spontaneously in the moment. But if you call around to make reservations before you take off and plan out your route to give yourself plenty of rest in between roads, you will appreciate it later on. Being shut out of a premium vacation experience by a failure to book online and pay upfront can lead to some long nights at the wheel.

Professional Inspections

Before you hit the road, you should be sure that everything in your RV is in proper working order. The general trouble spots on an RV are leaky seals, appliances that don’t function properly, and outdated electrical systems. It only takes a minute to blow out your electrical components if you plug into an electrical hookup with the polarity reversed. You should always test the polarity of any outlets before hooking up just to be safe. Most RV parks have an indemnification clause in the rental agreement that holds them harmless for any damage.

Of course, it only takes a moment for a fire to start if there are any shorts in the electrical system. Shorts can occur very easily in an RV due to the vibration on the road. The insulation of a wire can get worn down from rubbing against a hard object and short out. This may start out with batteries that keep losing their charge and burning out.

Having a professional fully inspect the mechanical and electrical aspects of your RV is a must. Because RVs are so specialized, it can be hard to find a service center when you are on the road. Furthermore, when you are already booked up at various RV parks, the costs of missing a beat in your schedule can add up to lots of wasted time and money.

Travel Light

When it comes to traveling in an RV, you will find that your vehicle handles better when the loads are light. Not only does the vehicle have better stability and handling, but it also saves fuel costs and is less likely to sink into a parking spot. If you overpack your RV, you will also find it hard to find things when you need them. You may have to sift through lots of luggage and compartments to get to what you want.

The same rule applies for hiking. Most of the RV parks have trails for adventurous travelers to hike. If you carry a backpack with quality hiking clothing such as Merino wool socks, sweaters, shirts, ultralight raincoats, and waterproof hiking shoes, you will be able to stretch your wardrobe a lot longer between showers and laundromats. In some remote areas, it can be hard to access a laundromat during the weekends if you don’t have one in your RV.


When you are on the roads or out in the middle of nowhere for long periods of time, you may start to long for some unique entertainment. Tossing bean bags and horseshoes can get old and leave you longing for some other adventures. For some RV owners, they will take up boating, fishing, or even Geocaching. Geocaching is a game being played all over the world where participants log in online to obtain GPS information for where a cache is hidden like some buried treasure. When they find the cache, they can open it and replace it with some other interesting trinket or leave the object there for someone else’s surprise. Geocaching is a lot of fun because it adds a whole new dimension to the trip and gives you some goals to accomplish once you have seen the major sights in an area.

How to Sell Your RV in Arizona

There are several benefits from deciding to sell your RV on a website or at a local Arizona RV Dealer directly. You would have convenient access to the website and could easily send messages and selling to a local dealer like Pedata RV Center you don’t have to worry about shipping costs and can talk to the RV dealer in person to get a price on you RV or motorhome. There is posted information about the process for the sale. If you choose to handle the sale without the advantages from a website, or a local AZ RV Dealer you could be required to wait several weeks before you would have a deal for selling your RV. The process is simpler on a website or local at a dealer like Pedata RV Center where they handle RV Sales on a daily basis.

Convenience with Online Portals 

Buyers and sellers influence the parameters for a sale. Convenience is an important factor for a seller who has several obligations and who does not want to wait until next month to close a sale. Many sellers prefer the advantage of having quick access to the funds from a sale. You can avoid delays and other problems by selling your RV on a website.

Simplicity with Limited Negotiations

The process for the negotiations for a sale can be cumbersome because a buyer and a seller will usually try to negotiate for the best deal. The price and conditions, such as the delivery of the RV, are important factors. The seller could want to have a higher price while the buyer wants to have a lower price for the sale. On a website, there is a very simple process for negotiations.

Legitimate Deal for Closing a Sale

If your priority is to sell your RV, you will have more exposure to dedicated buyers on a website. The process is designed for a quick sale for your RV. With an alternative method, you could be required to answer several inquiries from potential buyers who only decide later not to purchase your RV. A website has the advantage of a forum for connecting sellers with dedicated buyers.

Confidence with a Verified Amount for a Sale 

Many sellers choose to use the services from a sales broker to avoid an emotional turmoil and other problems from a sale. The funds for a sale come from a source that must be verified to ensure that the seller will be paid for the sale. You can avoid problems from a transfer of funds for the payment from a sale if you use the forum on a website.

Shorter Time Schedule for a Sale

The key advantage for selling your RV on a website is the exposure to buyers who are focused on quickly buying the RVs. If you want to sell your RV for some additional funds for buying a boat or for paying some of your bills, a website can be a faster option for you to get those funds and to pay some of your pending bills after a crisis.

Quicker Sale for an RV that Must be Moved from a Parking Lot

The time factor for a sale can be very important for a person who has sold a home and who also wants to sell his or her RV. The costs for insurance and for a parking space at a storage facility may not be a practical option for a person who is moving into a retirement community and who wants to quickly simplify his or her life.

Confirmation for a Sale

The dedicated buyers from a website will not change his or her decision about the sale. If you want a higher price, you could send comments about a higher price to the buyer. With a different method, you might spend several hours speaking with a potential buyer who could finally decide not to close the deal. If your goal is to sell your RV, you will encounter fewer problems with an online deal on a website.

Launch the Sale from any Location

You can access a website and send messages about the sale of your RV while you are at a coffee shop, on vacation or watching your children who are playing in a public park. Those messages are used to connect with dedicated buyers who want to buy RVs. You can prioritize your obligations and can also focus on your objective for selling your RV with the advantages of a forum on a website.

Forum for Dedicated Buyers and Sellers

The search process for finding a potential buyer can confuse a seller who cannot easily connect with a group of buyers who want to buy RVs. With a website for RV sales, there is a higher possibility for you to quickly connect with a dedicated buyer who will offer a verifiable payment for the sale of your RV. You can shorten the time schedule for the sale with a website forum.

Control of the Exposure of Your Personal Information

The process for selling your RV would include some of your contact information being available to the public. You can control the exposure of your contact information by using a website to sell your RV. A personal ad on a newspaper website could generate several phone calls and messages from strangers. With a website forum, you can protect your personal information.

Emphasis on Your Goals

Some buyers may decide to use other methods to try to sell an RV for a higher price, but the convenience and quicker final sale from a website are factors that could compensate for the loss of any potential difference in the sale price. If you must sell and move your RV from a parking lot, a website forum or a site like Sell My RV Today can be a very simple and quick option.

What’s the Difference between Class A, B, and C Motorhomes

You remember your ABCs, right? If you remember the first three letters, you’re already ahead of the game in naming and learning about the different types of motorhomes. The three types of motorhomes are: Class A, B, and C. Though they’re all called motorhomes, their similarities and differences make each class unique. Let’s learn the differences and similarities between Class A, B, and C motorhomes, so you know what type is right for your adventures on the road.

Class A Motorhomes

When most people think motorhomes, they think Class A. The Class A motorhome, also known as a motorcoach, is the biggest of all motorhome classifications. You can instantly tell Class As from other motorhomes due to their size and lack of a nose.

Size: There are no set guidelines of length or width for Class A motorhomes, but they can range anywhere from 20 to 60 feet with most falling around 20 to 40 feet in length.

Sleeping: Class As range anywhere from 20 to 60 feet so how many people a Class A can sleep depends on the motorhome. Most Class As can easily sleep four to eight people, but some can sleep upwards of twelve or more.

Features: Large Class A motorhomes are essentially apartments on wheels, so you bet they will have the amenities for a happy life on the road. Class A motorhomes are typically outfitted with a queen to king size mattress, full kitchens, full baths, an entertainment area, ample storage, and much more depending on your choices and customization. Class As are the crown jewels of motorhomes and are produced by many manufacturers in several styles.

Pros and Cons of Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes are the largest and have the most amenities, but those size and amenities come at a cost. Class A motorhomes are the most expensive motorhome option and are the most difficult to drive, navigate, and park. City streets in a Class A motorhome can be a disaster.

Class A motorhomes are also fuel guzzlers. You can expect to fill your tank often and for hundreds of dollars each time. Class A motorhomes are excellent for long trips with many people but if you prefer a flurry of short road trips or have a small family – you’ll be better off with a different type of motorhome.

Class As are the most functional for temporary or seasonal living due to their size and features. Many snowbirds and retirees drive their Class As to their favorite parks at the beginning of the season, put out the stabilizers, and keep the motorhome parked until summer returns in their home state.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B is the smallest of all motorhomes. Class Bs are more popularly known as “camper vans” since the chassis is constructed on a full-size van chassis. Class B motorhomes are an excellent match for a couple or a solo road tripper looking to lay down the miles at a low cost.

Size: Class Bs are compact and can park in most normal-sized parking spaces. While their Class A cousins can span several yards, most Class B motorhomes are no longer than 20 feet.

Sleeping: Most Class Bs can sleep one to four people though we recommend one to two occupants for Class B road trips. Trying to cram a family of four into a Class B for a long road trip isn’t the best idea.

Features: Don’t expect a world of amenities in your Class B compared to Class A motorhomes, but the Class B isn’t featureless. You can expect a fold out or drop-down sleeping arrangement, a kitchenette, a wet bath, storage options, entertainment options, and more.

Class B+ Motorhomes

Though it’s not a truly established class of motorhome, many dealers have split the Class B into two categories: Class B and Class B+. As the name implies the Class B+ is like the Class B, but with extra room and more amenities like slide outs and full kitchens. The driving and living areas in a Class B+ are partitioned by a curtain or barrier, unlike a traditional Class B that is open throughout.

 Pros and Cons of Class B and B+ Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are compact, fuel efficient, and an excellent motorhome choice if you’re constantly on the go from destination to destination.

They are the smallest of motorhomes, but small families and couples can get more out of the added slide-outs and an additional room of a B+ motorhome if needed.

Since they are the smallest motorhome on the market, Class Bs are not suitable for large families if you need lots of elbow room, or if you’re looking for tons of features and amenities.

Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes look like a combination of Class A and Class B motorhomes but with a nose. The signature of the Class C motorhome is the sleeping area directly over the cab which has earned the Class C the nickname of “cab over motorhome.”

Size: Class Cs aren’t as big as Class A motorhomes, but they’re bigger than camper van B-style motorhomes. Class Cs commonly span 15 to 30 feet.

Sleeping: Class C motorhomes can sleep approximately two to eight people, thanks to the cab over sleeping option. Most families will have enough to room to live and move around a Class C, but more than six people will get crowded.

Features: Class Cs aren’t as big as Class As but aren’t as small as Class Bs so you can expect the amenities and features somewhere between the two. Class Bs can be outfitted with private or open sleeping quarters, half to full bathrooms, kitchenette to a full-size kitchen, and plenty of entertainment options like sounds systems, TVs, mood lighting, and more. You can use many options in a Class C that you would see in a Class A in a smaller package.

Pros and Cons of Class C Motorhomes

Class C’s unique size and features mean it can ditch many of the drawbacks from Class A and B motorhomes while still enjoying their respective advantages. Class Cs are big, but not giant like Class As motorhomes or tiny like Class Bs.

Class Cs are more fuel efficient than class As but not as efficient as Class Bs.

If you are struggling with deciding between the size and amenities of a Class A and the efficiency of a Class B, dig out the middle and choose a Class C. Check out these type of RVS

Use the list above and visit our local RV Sales and motorhome lot to find the right match for your own road trips.

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