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Why You Should Sell Your RV to an RV Dealer in Arizona

If you’ve got an RV to sell, you may be struggling to figure out how to market your rig, screen out serious buyers, and get your payout quickly. To best protect your privacy and your belongings, working with a dealer can greatly reduce your risk.

Ease of Advertising

An RV dealer with a webpage will be able to let you know

  • how many words in your description
  • how many photos you should upload
  • best way to market your rig

Because the dealer is the one dealing with those looking to buy an RV, they know the concerns that are common and the best way to show off your rig.

Keep Things Simple

If you choose to sell your RV privately, be aware that you may be opening yourself up to a lot of questions. You may also get phones calls from people who are not serious buyers. Finally, you may get offers requesting that you rent or finance the vehicle.

Unless you’re interested in financing the sale, working with an RV sales specialist is the best way to keep your personal information private. Additionally, you will reduce the risk of putting your information out on the web, such as on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Even if you plan to meet with potential buyers at a big box store to show off the rig, be aware that you could be followed home by someone who has inappropriate intentions toward your belonging. Worse, they could be unhappy with your exchange in the showing and choose to vandalize your possessions. Do NOT put your address out in the world unless you have somewhere to lock up your RV.

Sitting = Decay

Leaving your RV sitting in the sun will wear out seals, tires and other biodegradable products that keep your rig weathertight. Letting moisture build up inside the rig on hot days could lead to mold and rot inside the space, taking away from the value of your RV. Rodents and other pests can move into the rig while it sits, tearing up insulation and wiring while fouling the space.

If you can list your rig with a dealership, the photos of your rig will get much more traction than a private sale. While you are an honest seller of a good product, be aware that the offers you get on a private sale could be offensively low, simply because buyers on that site may not trust the other sellers of RVs. Selling through a dealership may upgrade your client base.

Don’t Be the Bank

Another challenge of marketing your own RV is that you may have a soft heart. The year 2020 has been very hard on a lot of folks. You may find that you have potential buyers who actually need a primary home, not just a vacation vehicle.

Sadly, many of these folks may not have the funds to buy your RV and will ask you to take payments. Unless you don’t need the money, at all, from your RV, do not agree to be the bank. Agreeing to take payments is much different than receiving your payments. Worse, the item that you are now the mortgage holder on can roll, so you may have to chase those who owe you the money.

Selling an RV doesn’t have to be risky, but it’s better left to the professionals. Clean the RV, paint if needed, and be as clear as you can about any problems. Take great photos in a variety of different levels of daylight to show off the nicest features of your rig, list it with a dealership, and get the best payout you can for your rig.

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