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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Sell Your RV

If you’ve got an RV that you’re no longer planning to use, it’s a good idea to get it on the market soon. It’s a very uncertain time and there are many folks interested in buying an RV. By selling a Used RV to a dealer, you get the full value in one lump without having to market it, show it, or deal with anyone asking you to take payments.

RVs Aren’t Cheap to Store

An RV in your driveway is wearing down in the elements. An RV in a storage unit is costing you storage fees. If you aren’t using your RV or able to camp in it anymore, getting it sold quickly will save you the risk of damage and stop the storage fees. Even better, RVs depreciate over time. Once you’ve sold it to a dealer, that depreciation is no longer your problem.

RVs Can Suffer in the Elements

If your RV is out in the sun, the sealant on the seams will start to break down and your RV may leak. Additionally, sunlight is hard on rubber. Your tires will suffer if left in the sun, which can lower your asking price.

Should you have to leave your RV out in the cold, know that any sunlight it gets during the day will cause a heat build-up, which can lead to condensation inside the rig. Even if your RV never leaks, you can have serious moisture problems if it’s left out in the cold.

RV Repairs Can Be Hazardous

If your RV has to stand in the sun and you need to clean the roof, reseal the roof, or make any big changes to the rig, you’re either going to be working off of a ladder or crawling around on the roof. An RV dealer will have professionals who have the skills necessary to safely move from the ladder to the roof, and they will also have the tools necessary to safely make any repairs.

By the time you buy sealant, cleaner, the cleaning tools, and whatever other tools you need, you will have made a sizable investment in the repair and still need to put your safety at risk to get up there and do the work. A wet, soapy RV roof is extremely slippery. You don’t want to realize you’re wearing the wrong shoes as you slide off the RV.

Get Your Money Out Fast

The year 2020 has put a lot of people in a very bad financial spot. An RV dealer like Pedata RV Center in Tucson, AZ will have financing options for people with all sorts of credit histories. Rather than hoping your interested RV shopper can come up with the money you need to get out of your rig, selling your rig to an RV dealer is a one time transaction. They get the RV and you get the cash. All the financial risk from here on out is theirs.

You can also avoid dealing with challenges such as scheduling showings, test drives, and dealing with gawkers. The RV dealership will deal with all of that while you take your check to the bank.

Selling your RV can be simple, and sooner is better than later if you’re ready to no longer own an RV. These rigs can be a great way to travel, but if your travel desires no longer include an RV, selling it with a dealer will really lower your expenses, maintenance worries, and marketing stress.

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