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Choosing the Time to Sell Your RV in Arizona

Recent world events have many of us staying home. If you’ve been sheltering in place and unable to travel, your RV may have been sitting in storage through the polar vortex. Even a well-winterized RV can suffer damage in extreme cold. If you didn’t winterize your RV before the big freeze, it’s time to check things out. It’s critical to study not only your internal plumbing but the water hoses that store under the RV.

All water expands when frozen. This means that any water in your grey or black tanks could have done serious damage under your RV. Again, keep an eye on them as things thaw. If your RV was completely drained before the cold hit, your water system is likely fine. Be sure to check the tires and note the power level in the batteries.

Like any home, RV’s need maintenance. If you don’t have the time, strength or skills to drain the water system, unplug and pull the batteries, and keep pests out, this spring may be your season to sell.

Selling Privately Vs. Selling to a Dealer

If you choose to sell your RV, will you sell it privately or to a dealer? Selling privately can feel like you have more control. However, you’ll also have more work. You’ll need to repair the RV or sell it as is and take the loss. You’ll have to clean the RV and show it. Finally, you will have to face requests to finance the RV.

The past year has been financially tough on a lot of people, and many are facing homelessness or are living in their vehicles. An RV listed for sale may bring out serious buyers, but it can also call to folks who are desperate. If you’re interested in financing your RV sale, you may need to

  • run a background check
  • run a credit check
  • wait for payments
  • chase down non-payers
  • repossess the RV

Your finances and peace of mind will be put at risk each step of the way. To reduce this stress and get your payout quickly, selling to a dealer is the best option.

Consider the Condition and Repair Work Needed

Depending on how long your RV has been sitting as the nation shelters in place, it’s a good idea to carefully check out

  • the seals
  • the tires
  • the electrical
  • gas lines
  • water lines

Even a fully winterized RV can build up moisture inside, and pests may have gotten into your furniture cushions or your wiring. To sell, you will either need to make repairs or get the RV hauled to someone who will make the upgrades and repairs necessary to sell the RV.

The World of Camping is Currently Limited

There are many state campgrounds that were closed early in the pandemic. While some private campgrounds may now be open, the travel industry is still reeling from the challenges created by COVID-19. If you’re planning to get back on the road with your RV, the repairs and upgrades will be completely worth the investment.

However, selling your RV privately to a traveler who has the cash to meet your price could be a challenge. They may want a contract while they look for financing, which could delay your sale. Even if you don’t offer them a contract, you still have to field phone calls, manage showings, and face the extra security risk of having folks know that you have an RV on your property.

You may be planning to get back on the road in a smaller rig, or you may be planning to go from a Class C to a 5th wheel trailer and get away from sticks and bricks living altogether. No matter your long-term goals, if the RV you have right now doesn’t serve you, selling to a  RV dealer like Pedata RV Center can quickly lighten your worry and stress load.

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