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Why Selling an RV in Arizona with Sell My RV Today is Your Best Option

There are several reasons to sell your RV with a dealer instead of selling it on your own. Your time, security and sanity may be under threat if you list your RV on Facebook or Craigslist. Instead of dealing with phone calls, messages or any other intrusions, work with us.


Your time is valuable. One of the challenges in selling your RV privately is that not all potential buyers are actually interested in purchasing an RV; they want to think about it while they walk through yours. Every person that walks through your RV will track in dirt and dust that you will need to sweep or vacuum up, and they may be carrying germs you don’t want to deal with. By working with us, you will only have to face one, serious buyer.


Obviously, you want the best price for your RV. However, your most interested buyer may not be able to pay you in cash or get the financing to pay for the RV. Unless you’re comfortable with someone else driving away with your RV (also known as your money) and hoping that they’ll pay you as they promised, selling your RV may be time-consuming and financially risky.


Even if you’re not driving your rig while you’re trying to sell it, you will need to insure it and you may need to store it. Why deal with all of those expenses when you can sell it to us and be done with those worries and costs?

Maintenance – Body of the RV

RVs need maintenance, just as houses do. If you need to store your RV away from your home, it may be bothersome to have to go out to the storage unit and check on the RV to make sure that all is well inside. If you’re keeping the RV outside your home, the risk of rodents and weather damage can be costly. If we sell your RV, we will handle the storage costs and concerns. If a hail storm comes up or the wind starts howling, you don’t have to worry about tarps, roof damage or calling the insurance adjuster. You can just be confident of the money in the bank.

Maintenance – Engine and Tires

Even if you’re not driving it, your tires will age. If you don’t have sun covers, they might start to rot in the heat. Seals and gaskets in your engine can fail or degrade while the RV sits in your driveway. SellMyRVToday.com doesn’t handle trailers or fifth wheels. We know the value of a well-cared for RV and are happy to help you get a great price before things start to wear out, fall apart, and get expensive.

You got good value out of your RV. No matter your reason for selling, we’re happy to help you get a great price for your unit so it can get back on the road. Skip all the hassles and risks of trying to sell your RV on your own. Contact us for more information.

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