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How to Sell an RV in Tucson

There are many reasons why RV owners may want to sell their RVs. It may be a change of lifestyle or a desire to change how they travel entirely. Whether you need a new RV, a yacht, or a private jet club membership to placate your wanderlust, it takes some guidance to sell your current RV fast and at a fair price.

Why Owners May Want to Sell Their RVs

The RV life can be wonderful, at times, but can quickly turn stale. It is truly the people who visit a campground and how hospitable and interesting they may be that makes the RV life worth living.

Most Tucson campgrounds are loaded with seasonal rentals that are rarely occupied. While this may help the campgrounds generate revenue, it can also make the campground feel dull and vacant. If there are no quality campgrounds nearby, you may want to scale down your RV or rent one for limited excursions.

RV owners may also change how they travel. They may want to travel by boat or jet instead of on the roads. In this case, getting rid of the RV while it still has the most value to pay for your other trips is a smart move. Why bother paying for maintenance and upkeep of an RV if you never use it?

In other cases, RV owners want a newer or different RV model. They would love to sell their current RV but may find it difficult to reach a fair negotiated price on the private market. Posting advertisements at the campgrounds or in classified ads only attracts a limited interest because people are always apprehensive about used RVs.

Why is the Private Market So Soft?

There are a number of factors that make it hard to sell a used RV on the private market to another individual. And, unfortunately, the high depreciation rates reflect this desperation. Because the depreciation rates are so high, owners may feel cheated and foolish if they let their RV go for a price that is too low. These prices only seem to make sense when they absolutely need to sell it or when it has developed problems.

Therefore, when people hear horror stories of terrible used RVs, you know the reason why. There are not many high-quality RVs on the private used RV market because it is irrational to accept those kinds of devaluations. Owners always feel that their model is exceptional and worth more than the going rates.

However, buyers will always feel foolish and cheated if they buy something above the going market price. Everyone wants a deal. This “give and take” makes it hard for sellers with well-maintained RVs to close a deal.

The other major problem is funding. It is very hard to obtain an RV loan for a used RV that has numerous question marks regarding its perceived value. Because very few Americans have lump sums of cash on hand, they are rarely able to offer money for late-model RVs that were gently used.

And even when they are able to get a loan because they have excellent credit, it is still a lot of work to sort through the loan offers. Many of the loan offers have hidden fees and charge high interest rates even when broken down into low monthly payments.

Furthermore, most RV buyers are reluctant to pay a mechanic to inspect motorhomes before they buy them. Even though there is a lot of money at stake, they also feel foolish about wasting money on a mechanic if they ultimately find a reason not to buy it.

Most RV shoppers would rather go with their gut feeling and assume that everything is in the condition that it appears to be on the surface. This is how people jam themselves up by taking risks and gambling based on their emotional whims and superficial impressions.

What is the Alternative?

Thanks to the internet, it is now easier than ever to sell your RV directly to a dealer. Instead of dealing with broke shoppers who don’t have the cash to buy your RV, it is much easier to deal with a professional RV dealer. The dealers have the expertise to properly appraise your RV and the capital to pay you the highest rates for it.

The danger with the private market is that the individuals simply lack the capital even if you take them over and convince them that your RV is worth an exceptional price. When you sell your RV to a dealership, you aren’t going to hoodwink them but can also rest assured that they have the capital to pay the going rate for your RV.

And because RV dealerships make their money by reconditioning the RVs, they can pay the highest values and still make a profit. When people shop from the dealer, they will have instant access to a large selection and easy financing. Because RV dealers have the full package for shoppers, they can provide you with fast cash and a fair offer.

When you shop at an RV dealer in Tucson, AZ, you also eliminate the worries of dealing with strangers. Strangers who frequent classified listings and other sites can be predatory. They may rob your home, write bad checks, or even use counterfeit money.

They sell counterfeit money for anyone to buy on the deep web, nowadays, that will fool all sorts of security controls. If they don’t have a legitimate business front or reputation with the Better Business Bureau, you could find yourself taking a major loss.

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