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Top 5 Reasons Why to Purchase a Used Motorhome or RV

Life is a progression. Few people dive right into the Recreational Vehicle world by purchasing an RV without experiencing RV culture and camping out with friends or relatives. Many RV owners started out with primitive tent camping or cabin rentals at campgrounds and resorts. Once you experience the tranquility and freedom of escaping into nature, it can be hard to live in a big bustling city.

Nature has a lot to offer us. Not only is the scenery quiet and beautiful but it is also constantly changing and refreshing. The plants are blooming. The weather goes through its seasons. And everything is flooded with fractals that run off into endless streams of chaos. We are also surrounded by golden ratios that remind us how tightly everything is interconnected at even a mathematical level.

The city can be a world of endless noise pollution, smog, and conflict. It seems like everyone from the driver in their bright red Cadillac to the vagabond on the corner are competing for your attention. Signs are everywhere and trigger this endless tangent of philosophical debate as we weigh the balances of whether we should buy into the ads or simply ignore them. Cities are also overregulated. You can’t play your music, park here, or even run across the neighbor’s lawn without violating some sort of local ordinance.

It is this escape to tranquility and the pristine otherly world surrounding us that leads many on the path to RV adventure. And RV sales are booming as working-class people and retirees go off on an endless journey or simply find a nearby site to park their RV on a seasonal or yearly basis. But RV sales don’t always reflect all the reasons why many choose to upgrade from their primitive or shared accommodations to a new RV of their own.

Reasons Why Owners Choose RVs


One of the main reasons to buy an RV is the privacy. Most campgrounds don’t have private showers or quarters for couples to share without encroaching on a neighbor’s ear space or prying eyes. When you move to a crowded campground, privacy becomes a big concern as you strive to develop your interpersonal relationships in a comfortable zone. You can always walk to a remote spot and have profound conversations and intimate moments. However, an RV provides all the conveniences of home and that homely peace and privacy that people enjoy.


For many, being out on the road too long can lead them to miss the comforts of home. They miss sleeping on a real mattress, having an entertainment room to relax in, and having a hot shower even at an interstate rest stop. New RVs can have everything from massaging theatre chairs to jacuzzies and everything in between. If you invest in a large RV, you can fill it with just about anything that you’d put in a small apartment.

Easy Financing

RV sales are fueled by easy financing. If every RV owner had to cough up $30,000 to a million plus dollars for an RV, you’d see RV sales tank. But the banks recognize RVs as a noble investment and are willing to accommodate RV buyers by stretching out the payments for as long as they may with a home mortgage loan. The low monthly payments and overall value of the RV, as an alternative for some to renting or investing in a stationary home, makes them a hot deal.


Whether you have a brick and mortar home or an apartment somewhere or not, you always have the option to escape with your Used RV or Motorhome to any corner of the country. This type of easy relocation makes it a fail-safe that protects you from bad times. If we ever faced another recession or depression, the people who own RVs would survive better than anyone.

They could move to where the jobs where on a whim, lower their overall costs of living, and rent out their homes or short sell them. This makes an RV a veritable golden nest egg. And if the property taxes or rents are rising too high in your region, you can pack up in your RV and find a better rate. This makes them far superior to mobile homes.

Fun and Adventure

Owning an RV is just fun. Although primitive tent camping is fun, it can also be a hassle because the weather can be scary. But an RV takes your traditional vacation to the next level. It is just like having your own private jet or yacht except you don’t have to hire a pilot, crew, or deal with the jet lag and seasickness. You don’t have to go far in an RV to find a beautiful scenic spot but can also go as far as you’d like to explore the four corners of the nation.

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