Searching for a Class C Motorhome in Arizona?

As an out and about traveler, a motorhome can be your most comfortable and convenient way to enjoy your time off. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll want to maximize your time while on the road by choosing a recreational vehicle that is right for you. And when it comes to recreational vehicles, there is definitely more to consider than which RV company to go with. Whether you’re looking for a luxury class A motorhome, a small camper van, a mid-size Class C motorhome or something else, Arizona will surely fit you in the best way possible!

One of the best ways to find the right recreational vehicle for you is to do some research online. Start by comparing different motorhome dealerships’ models, styles, and features so that you can get a better idea of what will suit you best as a driver and as a travel trailer. When shopping around for a motorhome in Arizona, it’s also a good idea to check out your options online so that you can see how various makes and models compare side-by-side. You can even find custom-built RVs in Arizona if you feel that the standard manufactured RV is not your ideal travel trailer.

Recreational vehicles are designed to be easy to tow, have the capacity to sleep two people comfortably, provide ample storage space, and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and features. If you’re shopping for an Arizona RV or travel trailer, don’t settle for the first motorhome that you find. Take the time to do some online research and make sure that you’re getting the best deal on a Class C RV in Arizona. It may take some time, but your effort to find the perfect RV will definitely be worth it when you get a recreational vehicle that not only meets your expectations, but also feels comfortable and relaxing in your own RV.

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Tips for Buying Used RVs in Arizona

If you are planning on buying a used RV, you may want to consider some tips to help you get the best deal out there. There are many ways to go about finding the best deal on your used RV, but I am going to give you one method that you can use right now and in the near future to help you get the best RV deal on your next used RV. If you are interested in saving money, then you definitely need this! Here is how to buy a used RV in Tucson and Arizona.

Used RV’s for sale in the USA, Arizona, and everywhere else, best buy with a used RV dealer in Tucson, Arizona. Buying from an experienced used RV dealer in Tucson, Arizona like Pedata RV Center will ensure that you will get the best possible deal and can even get a better deal than you would if you bought from an individual. Best used RV dealers in Tucson and all over the United States include class A, class C, and even class B used rv’s for sale. So check out the RV sales classifieds in Tucson now and before long you will find the perfect used RV for sale!

Next you need to do some research online to find these auctions, RV dealer websites, online marketplaces. You can easily do this by searching for online RV dealers in Arizona and then look at the listings. The best thing to do before buying is to test drive your new motorhome or travel trailer so you know what kind of vehicle you are getting. This will also help you decide if you are comfortable with RV’s on the road. So search the online RV dealers in Tucson or AZ to get the best deals on motor homes, campers, and travel trailers.

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Best RV Parks in Arizona

RV Parks in Arizona is becoming more popular each year. Arizona’s climate makes it an ideal place to spend time on the road. RV parks offer a wide variety of accommodations for those traveling on a budget. A variety of campgrounds are available from which you can choose. RV parks are usually located near or in larger cities offering numerous activities and services for campers. The following is an overview of RV parks in Arizona.

Meteogram Park: This Arizona park has about 47 miles of trails and is in the Phoenix area. Camping at this campground is moderately priced and the monthly rates range from two to six dollars. Horseback riding, biking, swimming, hiking, nature trail and the Great Western Grand Canyon is several activities that campers can enjoy at this campground. The meteor crater park has a gift shop with gift cards to local restaurants and shops.

Crystal Springs RV Park: This park in Arizona is known as the gateway to Snowbirds Paradise. Snowbirds travel through Arizona looking for warmer temperatures. At Crystal Springs RV Park, accommodations are available ranging from single and double deck campers to Cabin rentals and house rentals. Most of the accommodations have fireplaces and other entertaining features such as satellite TV and hookups for the microwave and coffee maker. Several restaurants and bars are also located near the campground for hungry travelers.

Desert Rambler RV Park: Located in Sedona, Arizona, the Desert Rambler RV Park is a convenient spot for long-distance truckers. The park itself has over ten miles of trails perfect for hiking, cycling, boating, swimming, biking, and sightseeing. The RV site has all of the amenities you would expect from a full-fledged RV park including hookups for the fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. The hookups for your water and sewer are also included. The RV owners’ site even offers a shuttle service to and from nearby airports. The RV parking area has plenty of free space for loading and unloading your belongings.

Fenced Dog Park: If you and your canine companion like to spend long hours outdoors, you should consider visiting Arizona’s Fenced Dog Park. This park offers numerous activities for the two of you including walking and jogging. You’ll also find numerous opportunities for swimming, volleyball, horseshoes, and many other games the two of you can participate in. The facilities at the park are safe and secure. There are several hookups for electricity, water, and telephone as well.

Tombstone Park: If your family is looking for RV Parks in Arizona with a little more pizzazz, you should visit Tombstone Park. Located on the Ramada Mountains east of Tusayan, Arizona, the park features three full RV lots with dozens of spaces to choose from. There are over 50 free picnic tables and grills, numerous RV campgrounds, and free shuttles to and from nearby resorts. You will find convenient bathrooms, water and power hookups, and many other amenities.

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How To Sell RV For Cash in Arizona

There are many ways to make money with your RV. You may have bought an RV that you really loved but don’t have a place for it right now. Or, you may have purchased an RV and now you have plans of moving. There are different ways to use your RV and turn it into cash. This article will give you the information you need on how to sell RV for cash.

First, you will want to do some research on what you have purchased. Write down the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), name of the seller, and the current value of your RV. Next, go online and find RV classifieds. Online classifieds have many advantages. Not only can you do an individual search to see if there are any ads for your RV, you can also peruse individual sellers to find out what they are offering and how much they are worth.

With an RV classified ad, you must make sure you do some background checking. This is a very important step. You want to make sure that you are dealing with someone who is legit. If someone is telling you they are an agent, make sure you find out who they are and what their reputation really is. You can also find out what the BBB has to say about the seller.

Now that you have a general idea of who you are dealing with, you will want to check up on them a bit more. Ask for some verification of the value of your RV. Verify that your RV is free of liens and that you have it in good working condition. If it looks brand new, there is no reason why it can’t be sold for cash. Of course, when you are trying to sell RV for cash, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the true market value.

When you have done your due diligence, be prepared to negotiate. Remember, you are not always going to come out on top. Sometimes, you will have to walk away. If this happens, be prepared for a bump in price. There is nothing wrong with lowering the price slightly so that you can come out on top.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to have no trouble selling your RV. Just make sure you prepare for the transaction. Get all of your papers in order, make sure you have proof of insurance, and make sure you negotiate the best you can. If you do everything right, you should have no problem selling your RV for cash. Just make sure you take your time and have patience.

Choosing the Time to Sell Your RV in Arizona

Recent world events have many of us staying home. If you’ve been sheltering in place and unable to travel, your RV may have been sitting in storage through the polar vortex. Even a well-winterized RV can suffer damage in extreme cold. If you didn’t winterize your RV before the big freeze, it’s time to check things out. It’s critical to study not only your internal plumbing but the water hoses that store under the RV.

All water expands when frozen. This means that any water in your grey or black tanks could have done serious damage under your RV. Again, keep an eye on them as things thaw. If your RV was completely drained before the cold hit, your water system is likely fine. Be sure to check the tires and note the power level in the batteries.

Like any home, RV’s need maintenance. If you don’t have the time, strength or skills to drain the water system, unplug and pull the batteries, and keep pests out, this spring may be your season to sell.

Selling Privately Vs. Selling to a Dealer

If you choose to sell your RV, will you sell it privately or to a dealer? Selling privately can feel like you have more control. However, you’ll also have more work. You’ll need to repair the RV or sell it as is and take the loss. You’ll have to clean the RV and show it. Finally, you will have to face requests to finance the RV.

The past year has been financially tough on a lot of people, and many are facing homelessness or are living in their vehicles. An RV listed for sale may bring out serious buyers, but it can also call to folks who are desperate. If you’re interested in financing your RV sale, you may need to

  • run a background check
  • run a credit check
  • wait for payments
  • chase down non-payers
  • repossess the RV

Your finances and peace of mind will be put at risk each step of the way. To reduce this stress and get your payout quickly, selling to a dealer is the best option.

Consider the Condition and Repair Work Needed

Depending on how long your RV has been sitting as the nation shelters in place, it’s a good idea to carefully check out

  • the seals
  • the tires
  • the electrical
  • gas lines
  • water lines

Even a fully winterized RV can build up moisture inside, and pests may have gotten into your furniture cushions or your wiring. To sell, you will either need to make repairs or get the RV hauled to someone who will make the upgrades and repairs necessary to sell the RV.

The World of Camping is Currently Limited

There are many state campgrounds that were closed early in the pandemic. While some private campgrounds may now be open, the travel industry is still reeling from the challenges created by COVID-19. If you’re planning to get back on the road with your RV, the repairs and upgrades will be completely worth the investment.

However, selling your RV privately to a traveler who has the cash to meet your price could be a challenge. They may want a contract while they look for financing, which could delay your sale. Even if you don’t offer them a contract, you still have to field phone calls, manage showings, and face the extra security risk of having folks know that you have an RV on your property.

You may be planning to get back on the road in a smaller rig, or you may be planning to go from a Class C to a 5th wheel trailer and get away from sticks and bricks living altogether. No matter your long-term goals, if the RV you have right now doesn’t serve you, selling to a  RV dealer like Pedata RV Center can quickly lighten your worry and stress load.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Sell Your RV

If you’ve got an RV that you’re no longer planning to use, it’s a good idea to get it on the market soon. It’s a very uncertain time and there are many folks interested in buying an RV. By selling a Used RV to a dealer, you get the full value in one lump without having to market it, show it, or deal with anyone asking you to take payments.

RVs Aren’t Cheap to Store

An RV in your driveway is wearing down in the elements. An RV in a storage unit is costing you storage fees. If you aren’t using your RV or able to camp in it anymore, getting it sold quickly will save you the risk of damage and stop the storage fees. Even better, RVs depreciate over time. Once you’ve sold it to a dealer, that depreciation is no longer your problem.

RVs Can Suffer in the Elements

If your RV is out in the sun, the sealant on the seams will start to break down and your RV may leak. Additionally, sunlight is hard on rubber. Your tires will suffer if left in the sun, which can lower your asking price.

Should you have to leave your RV out in the cold, know that any sunlight it gets during the day will cause a heat build-up, which can lead to condensation inside the rig. Even if your RV never leaks, you can have serious moisture problems if it’s left out in the cold.

RV Repairs Can Be Hazardous

If your RV has to stand in the sun and you need to clean the roof, reseal the roof, or make any big changes to the rig, you’re either going to be working off of a ladder or crawling around on the roof. An RV dealer will have professionals who have the skills necessary to safely move from the ladder to the roof, and they will also have the tools necessary to safely make any repairs.

By the time you buy sealant, cleaner, the cleaning tools, and whatever other tools you need, you will have made a sizable investment in the repair and still need to put your safety at risk to get up there and do the work. A wet, soapy RV roof is extremely slippery. You don’t want to realize you’re wearing the wrong shoes as you slide off the RV.

Get Your Money Out Fast

The year 2020 has put a lot of people in a very bad financial spot. An RV dealer like Pedata RV Center in Tucson, AZ will have financing options for people with all sorts of credit histories. Rather than hoping your interested RV shopper can come up with the money you need to get out of your rig, selling your rig to an RV dealer is a one time transaction. They get the RV and you get the cash. All the financial risk from here on out is theirs.

You can also avoid dealing with challenges such as scheduling showings, test drives, and dealing with gawkers. The RV dealership will deal with all of that while you take your check to the bank.

Selling your RV can be simple, and sooner is better than later if you’re ready to no longer own an RV. These rigs can be a great way to travel, but if your travel desires no longer include an RV, selling it with a dealer will really lower your expenses, maintenance worries, and marketing stress.

Why You Should Sell Your RV to an RV Dealer in Arizona

If you’ve got an RV to sell, you may be struggling to figure out how to market your rig, screen out serious buyers, and get your payout quickly. To best protect your privacy and your belongings, working with a dealer can greatly reduce your risk.

Ease of Advertising

An RV dealer with a webpage will be able to let you know

  • how many words in your description
  • how many photos you should upload
  • best way to market your rig

Because the dealer is the one dealing with those looking to buy an RV, they know the concerns that are common and the best way to show off your rig.

Keep Things Simple

If you choose to sell your RV privately, be aware that you may be opening yourself up to a lot of questions. You may also get phones calls from people who are not serious buyers. Finally, you may get offers requesting that you rent or finance the vehicle.

Unless you’re interested in financing the sale, working with an RV sales specialist is the best way to keep your personal information private. Additionally, you will reduce the risk of putting your information out on the web, such as on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Even if you plan to meet with potential buyers at a big box store to show off the rig, be aware that you could be followed home by someone who has inappropriate intentions toward your belonging. Worse, they could be unhappy with your exchange in the showing and choose to vandalize your possessions. Do NOT put your address out in the world unless you have somewhere to lock up your RV.

Sitting = Decay

Leaving your RV sitting in the sun will wear out seals, tires and other biodegradable products that keep your rig weathertight. Letting moisture build up inside the rig on hot days could lead to mold and rot inside the space, taking away from the value of your RV. Rodents and other pests can move into the rig while it sits, tearing up insulation and wiring while fouling the space.

If you can list your rig with a dealership, the photos of your rig will get much more traction than a private sale. While you are an honest seller of a good product, be aware that the offers you get on a private sale could be offensively low, simply because buyers on that site may not trust the other sellers of RVs. Selling through a dealership may upgrade your client base.

Don’t Be the Bank

Another challenge of marketing your own RV is that you may have a soft heart. The year 2020 has been very hard on a lot of folks. You may find that you have potential buyers who actually need a primary home, not just a vacation vehicle.

Sadly, many of these folks may not have the funds to buy your RV and will ask you to take payments. Unless you don’t need the money, at all, from your RV, do not agree to be the bank. Agreeing to take payments is much different than receiving your payments. Worse, the item that you are now the mortgage holder on can roll, so you may have to chase those who owe you the money.

Selling an RV doesn’t have to be risky, but it’s better left to the professionals. Clean the RV, paint if needed, and be as clear as you can about any problems. Take great photos in a variety of different levels of daylight to show off the nicest features of your rig, list it with a dealership, and get the best payout you can for your rig.

Best RV Choice for Families with Children in Arizona

Whether you’re traveling on your own, with a partner, or with your family, the size of your rig or RV can be the difference between fun and stress. If you’re traveling with children, do your best to make sure that everyone has at least a little space all their own.

Tow or Drive?

If you’re just going to camp, a motorcoach is a good option. Get to your site, set up camp, enjoy the outdoors, drive home. However, if you want to see the local sights, a towable rig is probably a better option. You can also pull a toad if your family can fit in a small vehicle.

5th Wheel or Bumper Pull?

A 5th wheel takes a special plate in the truck bed, which can limit the use of the truck. That being said, a 5th wheel can give you a lot more headroom. If you’re tall, it may be worth the limitations.

A bumper pull trailer may be a bit smaller, but for families with children, the tow vehicle options are very nice. Not only can you park, put out your camping gear and relax, but if you tow your bumper pull with a large SUV, you have extra storage in the back of the tow vehicle.


Your RV will last a lot longer with proper maintenance, and every family member can have a part in that. Be diligent about containing trash in the rig and outside, including micro-trash, or the tiny bits of wrappers that can quickly litter up a campsite.

Make sure that there’s a rug at the bottom of the steps and that everyone cleans their feet before getting in the vehicle to reduce sand buildup. Brush pets outside to cut down on hair in the rig, and make sure that everyone’s food, including snacks, are sealed up at the end of the day and not left out inside the rig. It only takes one mouse to make a big mess and cause serious rig damage over time.

Slide Considerations

Carefully review the RV when it’s all closed up. Can you and your family get a decent night’s sleep with the slides in? If not, then an overnight at a big box store or a truck stop may not be an option.

If you’re camping within a day’s drive of your home and not planning any long trips at the moment, you can probably function well enough in the rig without needing a rest stop. However, your RV life will be simpler and easier to plan if you can function with slides in, then relax and play a bit with the slides out.


Cooking in your RV will be a lot easier with everyone out of the space. Unless you find an RV with the kitchen at the back, having everyone walking through while the chief cook does their thing could be disruptive.

Consider an RV with an outdoor kitchen option. Even if your rig doesn’t have the fold down kitchen, a propane hookup, foldable table and camp grill can mean that the heat and aromas of cooking can be kept out of the rig while fresh food gets prepped inside.

Finally, whenever possible, eat outdoors! Find space in your basement or garage for a screen house and stake that near your campsite as soon as you put the slides out. If you have an outdoor shower, put the screen house at the opposite end, as the water can draw flies.


Once you’re at camp with the slides out, make sure that everyone’s bed is always theirs. It can be tempting to make the sofa the permanent sleeping place of a short adult or child, but this can mean that one person has no real spot to call their own.

If you must turn the couch into one person’s bed, use a timer and set specific rules about

  • when electronics like the television get turned off
  • when bedtime for everyone is
  • when the couch can be a couch again

Traveling in an RV is a great way to see the country, enjoy family time and avoid the risks of social contact that 2020 has brought. Take care to disinfect any shared surface when you fuel up and once you’re in your campground. Travel safe, and enjoy!

What You Should Consider Before Buying an RV in Arizona

When it comes to recreation, you want to ensure that you have a great experience. If you plan to escape for a while and drive across the country, you need a recreational vehicle that will take care of all your needs.

RVs have given everyone a reason to love traveling. The vehicles offer more services, just like home. However, when getting an RV, you have to consider the following factors.

1. Type of RV
There are many types of RVs. An RV dealer may help you select your machine, but remember that the right choice is the one that comes from you. Depending on what you would like to have, you may have to decide from the following list to ensure that you get an RV that fits your style.
• Fifth Wheel RVs.
• Expandable Trailers.
• Lightweight Trailer.
• Toy Hauler.
• Travel Trailer.
• Class A Motorcoach.
• Class B, Motorhome.
• Class C, Motorhome.

2. Know the Price
Just like any other item, you need to know the price of an RV before paying for it. Every RV comes with a price. You don’t want to get to the dealer without the money. Even if you don’t know the cost, try to research and get ideas.

Depending on which RV suits you best, you may have to put a significant investment aside to get the luxury vehicle to your home. Whether you plan to buy a brand new machine or a used RV, be sure to brace yourself for its price.

3. Carry Out Proper Inspection
Imagine going to the market, paying for an item, and walking away with it without performing inspections. It happens frequently. When buying a brand new or second-hand RV, always carry out a thorough inspection before paying for your machine.

You can bring an expert with you to ensure that what the dealer tells you is accurate. Look for every small detail from the RV. Check every inch of the machine on both the outside and on the inside. Confirm that all the amenities have an excellent function ability.

Some of the things to inspect with keenness are;
• Floors – Check the foundations to ensure that they are in good condition. Concentrate on areas around the sinks, bathroom, and kitchen. It may be hard for you to know if the floor is not in good condition, especially if the damage is below the flow lining.
• Look for mold – Walk in the RV and inspect if there is mold anywhere. Some dealers may not be taking care of their RVs properly. Look for hidden areas like under sinks, around the vents, and at the corners of the ceiling. Mold formation may be a result of water leaks.
• Check windows and doors – It is easy to assume that everything is fine until you decide to take your first drive to the mountains for camping. You open the windows, and they can’t close well. Or, the door breaks or gets stuck because of reasons you don’t understand. To avoid all these inconveniences, test the doors and windows to ensure they are operating correctly.
• Inspect the tires – An RV is incomplete without quality tires. Check to confirm that they are in good condition. Nothing is disappointing, like when a tire blowout and you are not even halfway to your destination. Ensure that your investment is worth everything in the RV.

4. Confirm the RVs History

If you are buying a brand new RV, you may be lucky. But if you are getting a used machine, you need to protect yourself first—request for the vehicle’s identification number. Not every RV dealer will tell you the history of the automobile. It is your responsibility to confirm that you are not taking a machine that has a bad reputation.

The VIN will help you view the history of the RV. You will be able to see if the vehicle was stolen before, rebuilt, or damaged. You will also be able to see the manufacturer’s recall notices and specifications.

5. Test the RV
Testing an AR will give you an overall performance of the automobile. Please take a few minutes to drive it through the RV sales compound to feel its worth.

6. Check Certification
Not every RV dealer is legit. It would be best if you ask for a valid certification to prevent scams. Ensure that the license is real; you can’t trust any dealer.


After purchasing your dream RV, it’s time to move. But before that, have you insured your machine? Don’t forget to cover your RV because an accident can happen. Don’t forget to cover your RV because an accident can happen. Also, if you have an RV get top dollar and consider selling your RV for cash at Sell My RV Today

6 Advantages of Traveling Arizona with a RV or Motorhome

If you are a travel enthusiast, you may have ever imagined of having recreational travel. Perhaps, you could be wondering how it would be. Well, you are not alone. Others wonder why RVing is considering. To date, RV travel is more convenient for all families than before. In 2017, RV sales shot up. What of now? When the American population got many younger travelers and retiring baby boomers.

With that, let’s have a look at the reasons why RV has become more popular. But before opting for an RV trip, it’s always ideal you secure your RV travel with an insurance cover and understand what the cover entails. Be cautious about trip interruptions and cancellation as they can reimburse pre-paid and non-refundable costs like camping reservations and RV rental fees if you must change the trip, unlike as planned. Besides, opt for a low-cost travel cover, which is suitable for your travel.

Back to our main topic, some of the RV travel advantages include.

1. RV Travel Is Not Expensive.
One of the fascinating things that attract more people to RV is that it ranks as low-cost travel compared to other travel means. However, you’ll cater to gas expenses, RV parking fees, or the fees for buying or renting the RV. Again, if you aren’t attached to a specific RV park, you can camp in the mountain, on the beach, or even at Wal-Mart parking lot. This will save you more.

2. RV Allows Flexibility
While in an RV trip or journey, you become the custodian of your schedule. That means you control the trip entirely. As a result, you can make a visit wherever you wish, when you decide, as well as have stopovers along the way as many times as you would wish. With that, RV gives the flexibility chances of changing your itinerary at any point you see fit.
If you have ever thought of having the most flexible vacation, RV fulfills your wish, because you won’t be in a tied schedule; instead, you’ll control every activity at any moment. Additionally, most RV parks give offers on long-term stays, so if you spend several nights there, you can find it cheap.

3. RV Brings A Family Together.
Arguably, despite wherever you go or how you got there, traveling brings a family together, as well as creating timeless memories. With this, RV travel is more worth than the golds you could be owning.

Also, with each family member taking part in different hustles and bustles in different places, they rarely assemble in the same place and at the same time. As a result, RV travel becomes a uniting factor for family members to meet and share special moments. With this, RV vacation is a priceless opportunity to be together as a family.
With RV trips, you engage in nature exploration, bird watching, sighting stars in a clear sky, or even sharing stories, which can create lifetime memories. Besides, you save money and have campground environments like pools, bonfires, playgrounds, crafts, etc.

4. RV Is More Convenient.
Undoubtfully, when on RV travel, you don’t have to worry about luggage, bikes, or a four-legged family member safety. Why? Because as you literally travel in your house and you’re versed with all your home conveniences, it’s the same case with an RV trip. Aside, nearly all RVs come with entertainment packages, meaning you are always amused.

5. RV Grants Freedom
It annoys to travel while trying to avoid crowds; this is what makes RVing a considering option. This results from the fact that it’s self-contained, meaning you won’t visit a public place, restrooms, eateries, because you cook, eat, sleep, wash up in your place.

Also, you carry all that you need with you, be it a pile of books, video games, board games, or cabinet packed with snacks. With Pedata RV Center sales, we allow you to travel with all that brings happiness and comfort to you. However, for safety precautions, don’t carry too much on your RV, since exceeding the intended capacity can be hazardous.

6. Travel Insurance Protects Your RV Vacation.
It is against the belief that travel insurance is only essential for international travel, because, on an RV trip, it can help extend your trip may you wish to. And as said earlier, travel insurance protects your vacation investments at times of changes.